Mare Management

We Are Here to Help

Soon to be pregnant mums need lots of love and attention, and the odd nutritionally balanced treat! So, whether you’re a busy or rookie breeder, have a problem mare or need access to specialist equine vets, Genetically Gifted can help.


Peace Of Mind

Located less than an hour to either Agnes Banks Equine Clinic or Camden Equine Centre (A specialist service of the University of Sydney), Fairlight Lodge is an ideal base for your special mare to go through her breeding process. All paddocks have automated-watering systems with permanent electric fencing, the property is monitored by security cameras and is gated. Priefert Stables are available.


Genetically Gifted can host your mare as a treasured guest during this time, including transport to and from her appointments in our locally manufactured 2019 Tuza float. We will provide Mare owners with regular updates as part of a fixed price Mare Management package. All part of the Genetically Gifted quality guarantee.


Room Service

Alternatively, Genetically Gifted enjoys long-standing relationships with multiple travelling Equine Reproduction experts. So, you may prefer your mare receives in-house services - the choice is yours! We also have a trusted network of equine professionals that are on call including a preferred farrier, physiotherapist and groom.


Scientifically Based Nutrition Plan

Genetically Gifted has joined forces with Australian owned and operated Castlereagh Feeds. Castlereagh Feeds are as committed to education and quality assurance as we are. At no extra charge your mare will receive a scientifically based nutritional assessment from Castlereagh’s consultants. This includes consideration to the quality of pasture and hay available on the property at the time of her stay. Weighed and measured, you can trust your mare to us knowing that her specific needs are being met and not through guess work. This includes a personalised nutrition plan to take you right through to weaning.


Pre-Breeding Education, No Surprises

Talk to Genetically Gifted about your expectations. Let us use our network of vets and industry partners to help you be fully informed before you commence. Is your mare a suitable candidate for frozen semen? What happens if we don’t get a positive result? Why does the vet want to swab before we start? What is the quality of the semen from the Stallion I have selected? What’s the latest technology around foal alarms? There are no questions that we won’t try to answer before breeding is under way. Genetically Gifted highly recommends equine insurance for this period of time and can help you access a product tailored to meet your needs.


Privacy Guarantee

This is a boutique service only open to a small number of accepted mares for limited periods of time. Discretion is assured, your mare and your breeding choices are your business. Genetically Gifted greatly respects the privacy of our clients. No photos of your horses will be distributed, no breezeway conversations will be had. Of course, we will be more than delighted to share your joy and successes along the way but only with your knowledge and support. This is part of the Genetically Gifted experience. Ethically, graciously, efficiently.

Stallion Representation

You have worked hard on your breeding program or sourced a very special Stud. Your representative not only needs to share your values and ethics, but your focus on your horse.



Marketing Excellence

All Stallions represented by Genetically Gifted have an active marketing program, tailored to your particular Stud. No Stallion is left to gather dust. Utilising a talented and diverse range of marketing professionals including photographers, graphic designers, digital marketers and journalists, Genetically Gifted will support you in presenting your treasured Stallion to the public. You will benefit from being part of a team, a team that is represented across both print and digital media, has presence at Championship events nationally and is constantly evolving with new and innovative marketing strategies that add value for Stallion owners, breeders and the industry alike.


Packages To Suit You

Stallion owners will receive a comprehensive and personalised partnership agreement outlining the promotional and administrative plans for their Stallion. Packages are available for all budgets and include no sale, no fee options.


Quality Assured

Genetically Gifted has engaged the services of Australian Equine specialist lawyers for the formulation and review of contracts. Stallion owners are safe in the knowledge that their contracts are robust, fair and undergo regular review by qualified professionals. It’s all part of our ‘no surprises’ promise.


The Select Few

Above all, Genetically Gifted operates with authenticity and rock-solid ethics. When we promise something, we deliver. With that philosophy driving us, we have chosen to cap the number of high-quality stallions we represent. This policy ensures our special stallions get the special attention they deserve.