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Breeding is not for the faint hearted.

Your risk profile doesn't need to exclude you from the joy of foaling down or raising a foal.

Foals, weanlings and surrogate mares from the finest Mares and Stallions Australia has to offer.

Ravenswood ReinersProgeny

Lil Dreamin
Magnum (USA)

Magnum Chic Dream X Myo Starlight (Paddys Irish Whiskey)

Inferno 66 

Gunnatrashya x 

Snip O Gun

Topsail Whiz x

Dun It For Chex

Gunner Dun It Again (USA)

Colonels Smoking Gun x

Dun Its Deja Vu

Gotta Twist
It Up (USA)


Spooks Gotta Whiz x Make It With A Twist 

Gun (USA)


Colonels Smoking Gun x

Dun It For Chex

Whiz Van
Winkle (USA)


Topsail Whiz x

My Way Oakie

Karn Quarter Horses Progeny

Magnum Chic Dream x

Shes Einsteins Girl

Topsail Wimpy x

Ima Dream Too

Wimpys Little Step

X Sheza Bonita Whiz

(Topsail Whiz)

Genetically Gifted Progeny

Wimpys Lil Starlight

X Yulgilbar Gambling Girl (Kings Phillip)


Colonels Smoking Gun x 

Jessies Red Caddie

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